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Superga, with a rich history spanning over a century, has become a renowned footwear brand. Established by Walter Martiny in 1911 in Turin, Italy, the Superga factory initially focused on crafting shoes featuring vulcanized rubber soles. It was during this time that the iconic Classic Superga 2750 heritage style was born.

Despite facing closure during the war, the Superga factory reopened with a renewed commitment to providing the people of Italy with high-quality footwear. The 2750 model quickly gained popularity and became known as the shoe of choice for the Italian public. As a result, Superga expanded its range to include technical sport shoes, rubber rain boots, and an ever-growing variety of colors and styles.

From its inception, the 2750 shoe has captivated individuals, serving as a source of inspiration for the creation of flatforms, mid tops, and weather-resistant variations. Superga has also collaborated with top names in the fashion industry, constantly introducing fresh and innovative designs. Whether navigating city streets or enjoying leisurely beach days, transitioning from the office to social outings, or exploring urban parks, Superga shoes offer unbeatable comfort and effortless style without limitations.