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Beginning Boutique, established in 2008, was the brainchild of CEO Sarah, who envisioned an online community that delighted in receiving weekend packages and experiencing exceptional customer service. What began as a dream soon transformed into a reality, and today, Beginning Boutique stands as the ultimate online destination for all your weekend event needs. With a diverse range of outfits tailored to suit every occasion, if you have a ticket to it, they have the perfect ensemble for you.

Despite starting with no prior experience in e-commerce or fashion, Sarah fearlessly embarked on this venture at the young age of 21. The early days were a journey of exploration, experimentation, and forging connections with their valued customers. Some endeavors yielded great success, such as their innovative pop-up stores, while others taught valuable lessons about understanding their customer base and their desires.

Driven by a commitment to a better future, Beginning Boutique is dedicated to making positive contributions to the planet, society, and future generations. Since the launch of their sustainability and equality initiative in July 2020, the team at BBHQ has been tirelessly working behind the scenes to improve their practices. While they acknowledge there is still progress to be made, Beginning Boutique remains resolute in their determination to do better. They are actively implementing policies and processes that will lead them on a path of continuous improvement.