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ESET is a renowned global digital security company dedicated to safeguarding millions of customers and thousands of businesses worldwide. With a strong focus on protecting the progress enabled by technology, ESET stands as one of Europe's pioneering cybersecurity firms. Privately owned and operated by the same engineers who founded it three decades ago, ESET maintains its independence to prioritize customer and business protection, ensuring a better future for all.

The company's commitment to innovative technology is unwavering, earning the trust of major corporations and earning high regard from partners and independent analysts. As a valuable contributor to Google's App Defense Alliance, ESET plays a crucial role in protecting the Google Play Store and millions of users worldwide.

Driven by core values of integrity, reliability, passion, and courage, ESET envisions a positive digital future. This vision is reflected in their business practices and a strong commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. With ESET, customers and businesses can confidently rely on cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions for a safer and more secure digital world.