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Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton is the creative force behind DONNA IDA, a denim-based fashion brand centered around celebrating women's figures. With a keen eye for design and a passion for comfort, Donna launched the brand in 2012 to fill a gap she personally experienced while searching for jeans that offered both style and comfort. Inspired by her stylish grandmother, Ida, Donna incorporates her pattern-making skills and designs each piece with a modern girl squad in mind.

The DONNA IDA collection features a range of high-waisted jeans, including the Ivy High Top Skinny, Rizzo High Top Ankle Skinny, and Jeanie High Top Cigarette Leg, designed to shape and flatter different body types. In addition to jeans, Donna expanded the collection with directional denim shapes, such as the Sadie Boiler Suit, which gained widespread acclaim in the fashion industry.

Driven by the success of the boiler suit, Donna further expanded the collection to include statement pieces like the Cassandra Flared Jumpsuit and Dolly Flight Suit. These versatile one-piece garments embody the brand's "one and done" mantra, offering a quick and stylish solution for various occasions. Donna believes that jumpsuits and boiler suits are effortlessly chic, allowing wearers to transition seamlessly from the boardroom to the bar or from day to night with a simple shoe change.

Overall, DONNA IDA is a denim-based fashion brand known for its commitment to celebrating women's figures, providing comfortable yet stylish options through high-waisted jeans and statement one-piece garments. Donna's passion for design, inspired by her grandmother Ida and her own quest for comfortable jeans, drives the brand's unique approach to fashion.