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Zonli is a trusted sleeping product company based in Hong Kong, PRC, with a strong commitment to delivering the best sleep experience possible. With over 1,000,000 satisfied sleepers relying on their thermal regulation sleeping products, Zonli combines technology and nature to create top-quality bedding. Their primary goal is to eliminate the impact of temperature on sleep, enabling everyone to achieve optimal and healthy rest.

From blankets to mattresses, Zonli explores innovative sleeping tools to craft a serene dreamland for their customers. Their dedication to addressing sleep issues led to the development of the Z-Magic cooling blanket. Inspired by the personal experience of the company's owner, Peak, whose mother battled breast cancer and struggled with insomnia and exhaustion after chemotherapy, Zonli collaborated with sleep experts and production teams to create a cooling blanket made from soft, breathable materials. This blanket regulates body temperature and provides comfort, offering relief and improved sleep quality for individuals facing similar challenges.

Zonli values user feedback, especially from those who encounter difficulties in maintaining temperature control both indoors and outdoors. Each step of the production process, from sourcing raw materials to crafting finished products, undergoes meticulous inspection to ensure exceptional quality and reliability. As a result, Zonli has gained a global reputation, having sold over 100,000 portable blankets and receiving recognition from media outlets in the sleep product market.

With a strong belief in uniting technology and natural materials in their bedding products, Peak and the entire Zonli team are dedicated to enabling everyone to enjoy everlasting healthy sleep. Their mission is to provide sleep solutions that prioritize both comfort and well-being.