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Behind the YAZIO app, there is a dedicated and passionate team committed to promoting healthy eating and empowering individuals to live better lives through improved nutrition. With a belief in the transformative power of healthy eating, the team at YAZIO has developed a highly successful nutrition app that has garnered millions of users worldwide. Founded by Sebastian and Florian, who combined their fascination with healthy nutrition and the digital world, YAZIO aims to provide a comprehensive platform for users to track their nutrition and make informed dietary choices.

Driven by their mission to help people adopt healthier lifestyles, YAZIO has become one of the leading nutrition apps globally. With users spanning over 150 countries, the app continues to make significant strides in achieving its goal. As a remote-first company, YAZIO embraces a modern approach to work, allowing its team to collaborate seamlessly across different cities and countries.

YAZIO offers a free version of the app, allowing users to explore the basics of healthy eating. However, the full potential of YAZIO is unlocked through its PRO version, which provides access to an array of features, including exclusive recipes, personalized meal plans, and an intelligent coaching system. Whether individuals aim to lose weight, build muscle, or simply adopt a healthier lifestyle, YAZIO is designed to cater to their specific needs and support them on their journey towards improved nutrition.