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Viator – A Tripadvisor Company is a significant player in the travel industry, offering a platform that enables travelers to explore and book a wide array of carefully curated tours and experiences worldwide. Under the Tripadvisor brand, Viator strives to provide travelers with access to unique and meaningful travel experiences, empowering them to engage with their destinations in immersive ways.

With an extensive catalog of over 300,000 experiences, Viator offers travelers flexibility in finding and booking activities tailored to their preferences. Its reputation as a reliable and reputable tour and activity booking site is a result of its dedication to quality and dependability. Operating as an online and mobile marketplace, Viator offers travelers the convenience of planning and booking adventures from their devices.

Viator's acquisition by Tripadvisor in 2014 solidified its position as a leader in the tours and activities segment. Led by Ben Drew, Viator continues to expand its offerings, catering to both individual travelers and travel agents. The company's affiliate program allows travel professionals to sell experiences to a global audience, fostering collaboration between Viator and industry experts. With its commitment to quality, diverse offerings, and association with Tripadvisor, Viator remains a go-to resource for travelers seeking unforgettable journeys.