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Nurturing tea traditions, honoring dedicated farmers.
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Verdant Tea is a farmer-first tea company that was founded in 2011. It emerged from a research grant where co-founders David and Lily met Weiwei Ren and Wang Huimin. Their collaboration aimed to collect tea folklore and conduct interviews with farmers to understand their craft better.

Over the past decade, Verdant Tea has established long-standing relationships with many farmers, representing them consistently. With offices in both China and Minnesota, the company serves the farmers they export for and the tea lovers they ship to.

Tea farmer He Qingqing co-owns Verdant Tea in China, ensuring that farmers have a say in determining fair compensation for their craftsmanship and deciding which teas to create and share with the world. By placing the farmers at the forefront, Verdant Tea strives to uphold the values of sustainability, transparency, and collaboration in the tea industry.