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Urban Skin Rx is a leading brand that believes in the beauty of all skin types. As the Even Tone Experts, they are dedicated to creating clinical skincare solutions that promote the healthiest and most even-toned complexion for everyone.

From the very beginning, Urban Skin Rx has been a champion for skin of color in the skincare and aesthetic industry. Rachel Roff, the founder and CEO, has always been driven by her passion for providing safe and effective treatments specifically tailored to melanin-rich skin. With her background as a Licensed Aesthetician, she established a groundbreaking medspa in Charlotte, North Carolina, focusing on addressing the primary skin concern for people of color: hyperpigmentation. This medspa was a pioneer in its scale and exclusive focus.

The core purpose behind the creation of Urban Skin Rx was to bring Rachel's expertise in hyperpigmentation and skincare for deeper skin tones to a wider audience. The brand's unwavering commitment is to make clinical and effective skincare accessible to individuals all over the world. Urban Skin Rx is passionate about transforming the skincare landscape by providing inclusive solutions that cater to the diverse needs of their customers.