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Tech21 was established 17 years ago with a mission to develop sustainable and durable "multiple impact" products that offer superior protection for technology against the inevitable drops, falls, and mishaps of everyday life.

Unlike most cases that provide protection from a single hard drop, Tech21 recognized the need for sustainable and relevant solutions. Their cases are designed to safeguard technology from damage, offering consistent protection drop after drop.

As a leading brand in functional and high-performing multi-drop protection, Tech21 remains dedicated to innovation and sustainability. They have consistently pioneered advancements in impact products, continually pushing boundaries and seeking to surpass previous achievements.

Tech21 is committed to making responsible decisions regarding their environmental impact. By creating the strongest and most sustainable products available, they view their cases as an investment that not only provides peace of mind and cost savings from repair bills but also contributes to reducing waste by extending the lifespan of technology.

With Tech21, customers can trust in the quality and reliability of their cases, knowing that they are making a positive impact on both their devices and the environment.