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SoundSwell is a company on a mission to enhance the action and water sports experience by enabling their community to bring music to new horizons. They firmly believe that integrating music with the thrill of action sports helps athletes connect with nature and push the boundaries of personal progression. The story of SoundSwell begins at the prestigious University of California, San Diego, a renowned surf college and home to the #1 surf spot, Blacks Beach. It was during long walks between dorms and pre-lecture surf sessions that the need for entertainment along the way sparked the idea for water sports headphones.

With a team of dedicated engineers, SoundSwell embarked on a journey to design the world's first headphones specifically built for water sports. They set out to create a product that could withstand powerful waves, protect ears from the elements, and infuse the silence between sets with music. Through an iterative process, SoundSwell developed a product that could deliver exceptional performance while enduring the wind, waves, saltwater, and sand that ocean dwellers encounter. The result is a range of waterproof Bluetooth headphones with an IPX8 water resistance rating, strong Bluetooth connectivity, impressive sound quality, and an eight-hour battery life, ensuring they stand up to aquatic activities like surfing and wakeboarding.

SoundSwell's commitment to an exceptional ocean experience is reflected in their product design principles: an intuitive user experience, a secure fit, and excellent audio quality in and out of the water. Their flagship product, the SoundSwell Smartwatch Series, is designed to transform Apple Watches into waterproof smartwatches, offering a sleek, secure, and comfortable wearable design. With SoundSwell waterproof headphones, surfers and water sports enthusiasts can now enjoy their favorite music streaming services while riding the waves, elevating their overall experience in the ocean.