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SLEEPON is a company focused on creating better sleep products and emphasizing the importance of sleep for overall health. Led by co-founder and CTO Claus, who has extensive experience in developing wearable healthcare devices, the company aims to revolutionize sleep management. Claus's personal experience with a heart attack due to sleep deficiency drove him to create comprehensive sleep solutions after realizing the lack of user-friendly and effective devices in the market.

Driven by the belief that sleep quality is vital to overall well-being, SLEEPON offers a range of innovative sleep products. These include home sleep testing devices, self-care sleep management products, and high-quality bedding. Claus's expertise in wearable technology enables the company to develop devices that provide a comfortable user experience and valuable insights into sleep patterns. Recognizing the limited resources dedicated to understanding and improving sleep management, SLEEPON aims to fill the gap in the market and address the communication issues between existing companies and consumers.

SLEEPON's mission goes beyond product development. The company acknowledges the alarming statistics of undiagnosed and untreated sleep disorders, contributing to an unhealthy population and inflated healthcare costs. By offering accessible and user-friendly sleep management solutions, SLEEPON strives to empower individuals to take control of their sleep and overall health. Through their innovative approach and commitment to comprehensive sleep solutions, SLEEPON is revolutionizing the sleep industry and promoting healthier lifestyles.