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Saphira is a salon professional hair care brand with a mission to empower, heal, and give back through the power of beauty. Founded by a female CEO, Saphira believes that every person possesses their own unique qualities, referred to as "minerals," and aims to revitalize and moisturize both hair and inner beauty. By encouraging individuals to tap into their inner minerals and make positive contributions, Saphira fosters a holistic beauty experience.

Setting themselves apart, Saphira is the first salon professional brand to incorporate 26 minerals from the Dead Sea into their premium hair care products. This unique formulation delivers exceptional nourishment and rejuvenation for the hair and scalp, resulting in incredible results. Saphira's dedication to healing extends beyond hair care, as they actively support various charities focused on empowering and healing children and women at risk.

Through their philosophy of inner and outer healing, Saphira revolutionizes the beauty industry by combining their mineral-infused hair care line with a commitment to making a difference. By emphasizing self-empowerment and contributing to the well-being of others, Saphira inspires individuals to embrace their unique qualities and positively impact the world. With a deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of beauty, Saphira stands as a beacon of empowerment, healing, and giving back.