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As the leading online boat rental platform, this company is dedicated to providing individuals with the opportunity to enjoy a day out at sea. Whether someone is a beginner or an experienced skipper, their goal is to ensure that everyone can find the perfect boat to suit their needs.

Since becoming part of the Dream Yacht Charter group, this company has continued to innovate and expand its boat offering, striving to make boat rentals accessible worldwide with just a few clicks.

With a clear focus on safety and environmental responsibility, they have established a strong course of action. The founders, Nicolas and Laurent, both passionate about boating and collaborative consumption, recognized the need to address the underutilization of recreational boats and the desire of many to experience boating without owning a boat.

In April 2014, SamBoat was launched as a solution, aiming to popularize boating by connecting boat owners and renters with complete confidence. The company's team shares values centered around travel, the collaborative economy, and boating, and they work passionately towards their objective of bringing the joy of boating to as many people as possible.

Excellence, innovation, and passion are the driving forces behind this startup, ensuring that they consistently deliver exceptional experiences in the boating industry.