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RZ Industries is dedicated to enhancing lives by enabling individuals to engage in their passions without compromising on safety. Founded by Steve Torbenson in 2010, the company's inception was driven by a simple yet profound realization. After observing his young sons covered in dust during a day of outdoor activities, Torbenson recognized the need for better protective gear. Fueled by determination, he created the RZ Mask, a revolutionary filtration solution tailored for the powersports community.

The RZ Mask quickly garnered acclaim for its comfort and effectiveness, striking a balance between protection and freedom. As a result, RZ Mask gained prominence in the powersports world, earning accolades from sources like Dirt Rider Magazine. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, the company expanded its offerings to cater to diverse needs, crafting masks for woodworking, landscaping, farming, and public safety. The introduction of specialized replacement filters further solidified RZ Mask's position as a leader in air filtration technology.

RZ Industries' dedication to solving unique challenges, commitment to high-performance products, and emphasis on value sets them apart in the market. Their approach to crafting enduring solutions has led to a comprehensive range of products that outshine disposable alternatives. Driven by a vision for a cleaner, safer future, RZ Industries continues to extend its impact beyond products, investing in communities worldwide and contributing to a world where clean air enables people to live their best lives.