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Righteous Felon, a renowned snack brand, traces its origins back to a transformative moment in the founder's life. Unwrapping a food dehydrator on his 12th birthday, a world of underground munchie-peddling was unveiled, setting the stage for a homegrown snack syndicate. Joined by partners-in-crime from the middle school cafeteria, they embarked on a mission to sell ziplocks of jerky from classroom to lavatory, until their endeavors were met with a crackdown that resulted in after-school detention and hard labor.

As proud members of the Conservation Alliance, Righteous Felon is dedicated to preserving North America's open spaces. With every bag of their delicious snacks enjoyed, they contribute to the protection of mountain ranges, forests, lakes, and rivers, aligning themselves as staunch allies of environmental conservation.

In addition to their commitment to nature, Righteous Felon is also deeply engaged in social justice causes. They actively support Second Chance Employment and The Innocence Project, demonstrating their passion for creating positive change and advocating for fairness and equality. The RF network, as they affectionately refer to their community, runs deep, and Righteous Felon extends its gratitude to their Felon Fam and all accomplices who have contributed to their journey.