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Restube was founded based on a personal experience that left a lasting impact on its founder. A couple of years ago, the founder found themselves in an emergency situation in the water, which sparked a deep desire to enhance safety in water sports for themselves, their loved ones, and others.

Today, Restube has become a trusted provider of water safety solutions in more than 25 countries. Its innovative products are mandatory equipment at over 70 water sports events and schools, highlighting their effectiveness and reliability.

By choosing Restube as your dependable companion in the water, you gain a greater sense of freedom and enjoyment. Restube's design ensures that you can wear it effortlessly, without even noticing it, while it works tirelessly to keep you safe.

Restube's commitment to improving water safety and providing peace of mind is evident in its widespread adoption and recognition within the water sports community. With Restube by your side, you can focus on enjoying your water activities, knowing that you have a reliable safety solution at hand.