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Proviz, an internationally acclaimed sports brand, was founded in London in 2008 by two forward-thinking brothers. Their daily bike commutes revealed a market gap for innovative, light-emitting, and reflective cycling products. Fueled by a desire to revolutionize the industry, Proviz embarked on a journey of research and collaboration to create products synonymous with innovation and effectiveness.

With its roots firmly established, Proviz quickly gained recognition for its trailblazing approach. The brand's commitment to innovation, performance, and customer satisfaction propelled it to become a global leader in sports merchandise. Notably, Proviz's expansion wasn't merely driven by ambition but by organic demand and customer engagement.

As the brand flourished, Proviz diversified its product line while maintaining its core focus. This approach allowed the company to cater to specific activities while staying true to its specialist market. Proviz's impact extended beyond the sports industry, attracting partnerships with major corporations seeking bespoke products. This led to the creation of Proviz Bespoke, which caters to a diverse range of industries.

Operating across multiple countries, Proviz operates various websites, reaching a global audience and leveraging strategically positioned warehouses for efficient order fulfillment. Its innovative spirit and dedication to customer needs have positioned Proviz as an industry pioneer and a global symbol of performance apparel excellence.