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Pott'd is a creative venture founded in 2021 by Frankie and Sascha. Seeking an alternative to passive entertainment, they embarked on a quest to find a fulfilling and enjoyable activity to share. This led them to the world of clay, where they discovered not only a medium for self-expression but also a source of mental well-being.

Motivated by their own positive experiences, Frankie and Sascha envisioned spreading the joy of creative clay play and its therapeutic benefits to a wider audience. After nine months of dedicated effort, Pott'd was born. Today, their innovative clay kits have found homes across the UK and beyond, introducing countless individuals to the transformative power of hands-on creativity.

At Pott'd, the founders believe that if an activity isn't enjoyable, it's not worth pursuing. They advocate for the integration of creative mindfulness into daily routines, as it enhances personal growth and nurtures meaningful connections. Pott'd serves as their chosen instrument for promoting these values, allowing people to immerse themselves in the joy of creation and lose track of time. Frankie and Sascha are passionate about sharing this passion with the world, fostering well-being through the simple pleasure of working with clay.