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NUXE is a renowned French skincare brand founded by Aliza Jabès, offering a range of iconic products like Huile Prodigieuse®. With a strong commitment to nature, NUXE's laboratory researchers gather powerful natural ingredients to create their exceptional skincare formulas. Their constant pursuit of improvement drives them to adopt a more responsible approach to beauty, prioritizing sustainability, superior quality, and a fairer world.

As a socially and environmentally conscious brand, NUXE actively supports various projects in partnership with associations dedicated to ecological transition, bee protection, universal access to clean water, combating plastic pollution, and waste reduction. They strive to make a positive impact on the planet and promote a greener and more equitable society.

Nature serves as an endless source of inspiration for NUXE's researchers, who explore the rich botanical world to extract rare and precious plant-based ingredients. These carefully selected elements, often overlooked in cosmetics, form the backbone of NUXE's innovative and effective skincare solutions.

In addition to their exceptional products, NUXE offers transformative spa experiences worldwide. With a focus on expertise and well-being, their treatments and massages provide a sanctuary for both body and mind, creating a sensory journey that enhances beauty and promotes overall wellness.

Discover NUXE, where the harmony of nature, scientific research, and a dedication to social and environmental responsibility converge to deliver extraordinary skincare and unforgettable sensory indulgence.