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Nextbase, a pioneering force in connected car technology and driving intelligence, has emerged as a dominant player in the field. With a rich history dating back to its inception in 1999 in the UK, the company brings 22 years of expertise in crafting in-car devices exclusively geared towards driver well-being and safety. Its unrivaled position is evident in its status as the world's largest smart Dash Cam brand, commanding a remarkable 80% share of the UK market.

Dedicated to creating a positive impact on people's journeys and lives, Nextbase employs state-of-the-art safety, security, and smart innovations. Through meticulous route documentation, its Dash Cams provide a reassuring sense of security, allowing drivers to experience their trips with peace of mind. Referred to as "the guardians of the road," Nextbase's smart Dash Cams incorporate life-saving features such as emergency SOS calls with precise location tracking, proving invaluable in dire situations.

The company's accolades and recognition, including praise from CNET, Forbes, and other authoritative voices, underscore the excellence of its smart Dash Cam offerings. Moreover, Nextbase's range of Dash Cams holds strategic importance for businesses managing vehicle fleets, enabling thorough monitoring of driver behavior, risk mitigation, and substantial cost savings on motor insurance. The devices also streamline insurance claims and bolster vehicle security, all while remaining a cost-effective fleet investment due to their adaptable design.