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With a legacy dating back to its establishment in 1981, Neal's Yard Remedies stands as a contemporary apothecary dedicated to crafting exceptional natural and organic health and beauty products. Beginning humbly in a quiet corner of Covent Garden, this visionary endeavor has evolved into a global leader spanning five continents. Despite its expansive reach, the brand remains steadfast in its core belief – the harmonious alignment of outer beauty and inner well-being. Neal's Yard Remedies exemplifies this ethos by meticulously selecting organic ingredients that resonate with both the Earth and its customers, expertly blending ethically sourced herbs, botanicals, and essential oils to create potent and lovingly crafted formulations.

As part of the Kindersley family, the custodians of Neal's Yard Remedies, the brand's journey has been one of pride and dedication. The company takes immense pride in crafting natural, organic, and ethical health and beauty products that effectively cater to the well-being of individuals while nurturing the planet. As passionate proponents of organic living, the brand actively strives to enhance people's lives and protect the environment. From being the UK's first certified organic health and beauty brand to contributing to the ban on plastic microbeads, Neal's Yard Remedies consistently pioneers positive change.

The brand's roots trace back to its inception in Covent Garden, where natural health advocate Romy Fraser laid the foundation in 1981. Neal's Yard Remedies has continued to evolve, guided by an unwavering commitment to organic principles, ethical practices, and the pursuit of beauty and wellness in perfect harmony.