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MONTKUSH is a company driven by the desire to provide high-quality CBD products that are accessible to everyone in need, without compromising on affordability. The foundation of their journey was rooted in the need to find a quality product for their own family.

The catalyst for this endeavor was Anthony's daughter, Devon, who has faced numerous medical challenges due to a rare genetic disorder. When traditional medication had adverse effects on her well-being, CBD emerged as a life-changing solution, restoring her vitality and transforming her quality of life. Inspired by Devon's experience, MONTKUSH was born.

At MONTKUSH, the cultivation process begins by planting seeds and providing them with the necessary care and attention to ensure healthy growth. Each sapling is nurtured and meticulously transplanted by hand into the soil. Throughout the growth cycle, the plants are tenderly tended to until they reach their optimal harvest stage.

During the harvest, only the finest flowers are selected, carefully trimmed, and gently dried. Employing a delicate extraction method that combines pressure and controlled heat, MONTKUSH extracts the organic Rosin, their miraculous essence, from the dried flowers.

MONTKUSH's commitment to quality and their dedication to providing transformative CBD products stem from their deeply personal journey. With a focus on purity and effectiveness, they strive to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals seeking the benefits of CBD.