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Since its inception, the focus of Maxpeedingrods has always been on prioritizing the needs of its users. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is rooted in the belief that success comes from dedication and happiness is derived from sharing. By empathizing with their customers and understanding their perspectives, Maxpeedingrods strives to create exceptional experiences that meet and exceed expectations.

With a 15-year journey of continuous improvement, Maxpeedingrods has dedicated significant efforts to enhance their product offerings, particularly in the realm of driving experience. By championing the interests of drivers, they aim to establish sustainable advantages rather than pursuing temporary gains. They foster innovation by challenging conventional practices, enabling them to transform radical ideas into industry standards. Moreover, by fostering true partnerships with their clients, Maxpeedingrods ensures that they always make the right choices, even when faced with difficult decisions. This user-centered approach defines their identity and guides their actions.

Maxpeedingrods takes great pride in its commitment to quality and intellectual property. Having obtained the TÜV ISO9001-2015 Quality Certification for their design and manufacturing processes of automotive shock absorbers, connecting rods, and chassis hardware, they demonstrate their adherence to international standards. With a dedicated team of over 200 engineers and mechanics, they have secured more than 500 intellectual property rights, including patents and trademarks.

Operating from a state-of-the-art 861,000 square foot factory, they maintain 15 advanced production lines for high-performance car parts. Offering a comprehensive range of over 2000 products, from crankshafts to control arms, Maxpeedingrods ensures that performance enthusiasts have access to a diverse selection of top-quality items at competitive prices, guaranteeing timely availability to meet their needs.