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Manduka is a yoga-centric company founded on the principle that yoga is inclusive to all, committed to making this transformative practice accessible and empowering. For more than 25 years, Manduka has been a distinguished figure in the realm of yoga products, delivering innovation, education, and community-building that allow people to both experience and share the profound benefits of yoga.

The journey of Manduka began when Peter Sterios, an architect turned yogi, encountered a revolutionary black yoga mat in 1997 that redefined his practice. Inspired by this pivotal moment, Sterios founded Manduka with the vision of enhancing the yoga experience through superior products. The name "Manduka" pays tribute to Sterios' mentor and teacher, Shandor Remete, who emphasized the Mandukasana or frog pose in the ancient Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Manduka's commitment to sustainability is evident in their wide range of yoga products, incorporating materials like sustainable cork, non-Amazon harvested tree rubber, and unbleached cotton. These eco-friendly choices align with their dedication to reducing waste and treading lightly on the environment. Manduka's impact stretches beyond its products, garnering respect and endorsement from yoga teachers worldwide, and its influence spans across over 35 countries. The brand's legacy is built on innovation, quality, and a profound sense of ecological responsibility, making it a beacon in the yoga industry.