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LOL Surprise is a popular brand that has revolutionised the toy industry with its unique concept. With a focus on surprise and collectability, LOL Surprise offers a range of dolls and accessories that provide endless excitement for children.

At the heart of LOL Surprise is the element of surprise. Each product comes in a colourful ball or container, and when opened, reveals multiple layers of surprises, including mini collectable toys, stickers, and accessories. This element of unknown adds an extra level of anticipation and delight to the unboxing experience. As children unwrap each layer, they discover a new surprise, fostering their love for collecting and trading.

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In addition to the element of surprise, LOL Surprise also encourages creativity and self-expression. With a wide range of doll characters and themed collections, children can customise and personalise their play experience. From outfit changes to mixing and matching accessories, there are endless possibilities for imaginative play and storytelling.

LOL Surprise has quickly become a global phenomenon, captivating children and adults alike with its innovative concept and adorable designs. The brand continues to evolve and expand, introducing new series, themes, and limited edition releases to keep collectors engaged and excited. With its emphasis on surprise, collectability, and creativity, LOL Surprise has become a beloved brand that brings joy and imagination to children all around the world.


Discover the Magic of LOL Surprise Dolls

Discover the enchanting world of LOL Surprise dolls with our LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Dolls. These glamorous and stylish dolls are perfect for fashion lovers of all ages. Each doll comes with a unique outfit, accessories, and fierce personality. Create your own fashionable looks with mix-and-match clothes and accessories. Unbox the surprises and let your imagination run wild with LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Dolls.

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Collect and Unbox LOL Surprise Toys

Unleash your creativity with LOL Surprise DIY Glitter Factory. Customise your own glitter creations and add a touch of sparkle to any project. The easy-to-use kit includes everything you need to create dazzling glitter designs. Simply choose your colours, mix, and apply. From customising accessories to decorating your room, the possibilities are endless with LOL Surprise DIY Glitter Factory.

Create Fun and Fashionable Outfits with LOL Surprise Accessories

Experience the magic of LOL Surprise Lights Glitter Dolls. These adorable dolls light up with glittering surprises. Each doll has a shimmery outfit, accessories, and glowing features. Collect all the dolls and watch them shine bright in the dark. With LOL Surprise Lights Glitter Dolls, every playtime becomes a dazzling adventure.

Experience Excitement with LOL Surprise Playsets

Join the LOL Surprise Hair Salon to create fabulous hairstyles for your favourite dolls. Style, brush, and accessorise their hair to perfection. Experiment with different looks, from braids to curls, and add colourful extensions for a unique touch. The LOL Surprise Hair Salon is the ultimate destination for glamorous and trendy hair makeovers.

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Unleash Your Imagination with LOL Surprise Dollhouse

Embark on a magical journey with the LOL Surprise Winter Disco Chalet. This luxurious playset is the ultimate winter getaway for your LOL Surprise dolls. With multiple rooms and accessories, you can create your own winter wonderland. Slide down the real ice-skating rink, relax in the hot tub, or have a snowball fight in the snow zone. The LOL Surprise Winter Disco Chalet is where dreams come true.