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LEDDA is a brand born from the passion and expertise of a beauty influencer and perfume collector with over a decade of experience. With a deep love for fragrances and their ability to evoke memories and transform moods, the founder was inspired to create their own line of perfumes.

Understanding the power of scent as the ultimate accessory, LEDDA aims to transport individuals to different places and create unforgettable experiences through their fragrances. The brand's debut scent, 22 Orris, was meticulously crafted with the intention of capturing the essence of a perfect date night. Its versatility allows it to be worn on various occasions, whether it's a romantic evening or a cozy night at home. When applied, 22 Orris seamlessly blends with the skin, leaving behind a subtle yet sensual aroma.

For the founder, bringing LEDDA to life is a dream come true. It represents the culmination of their passion for perfumes and the desire to offer others an exceptional olfactory journey. With LEDDA, individuals can embrace the transformative power of fragrance and indulge in the art of personal scent expression.