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Kidrobot has earned global recognition as a leading creator and seller of limited edition art toys, distinctive apparel, and lifestyle accessories. Blending sculpture with conceptual art, Kidrobot serves as a dynamic platform for international fashion designers, illustrators, and artists, as well as a canvas for emerging street trends and pop art. Their diverse range of toys, with prices spanning from $5 to $25,000, has garnered appreciation over time and can be found online at and in select retailers worldwide.

Beyond their artistic endeavors, Kidrobot embodies a human touch, comprising a team of passionate dreamers who aim to craft spaces where art, design, and surprise converge. Whether in their physical stores, on their website, or through engaging conversations, Kidrobot fosters creative dialogues between artists and collectors, parents and children, and shoppers and stores. It is the element of surprise infused into their every endeavor that sets them apart, keeping the excitement alive and the audience eager to discover what lies ahead. In this manner, Kidrobot breathes life into art, instigating conversations, sparking excitement, and invigorating the world of creativity.