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Antony and Richard Joseph are twin brothers and designer-makers who founded Joseph Joseph with a passion for invention. Their journey began in 2003 when they collaborated on their first product, a glass chopping board, marking the start of an exciting venture. With a strong commitment to functionality, they set out to revolutionize household tasks and enhance everyday efficiency. Their approach involves identifying common challenges and creating beautifully designed, long-lasting solutions. Whether it's meal preparation, kitchen organization, laundry, or waste management, every Joseph Joseph product is meticulously crafted to make daily life easier.

Joseph Joseph understands the environmental impact of their products and follows the principles of a circular economy. They prioritize using the finest materials and ensuring high-quality manufacturing to maximize product lifespan and minimize waste. They actively seek to reduce waste and pollution by incorporating recyclable materials whenever feasible and offering replacement parts to extend product usage.

Operating from their London design studio, the exceptional team at Joseph Joseph is dedicated to inventing, researching, prototyping, and rigorously testing each product to ensure outstanding performance. They have a keen eye for detail and constantly strive for perfection in their designs. Antony and Richard Joseph, along with their team, continue to push the boundaries of functional and sustainable design, aiming to improve the way people interact with their everyday environments.