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Innovet Pet Products, founded in 2005 by Matthew Terrill and David Louvet, emerged from a personal need for innovative solutions to address their pets' health issues when conventional veterinary services fell short. With backgrounds in BioChemistry and Engineering respectively, Matt and Dave combined their expertise to develop effective formulas and create new solutions for various pet health concerns.

Driven by their love for animals and a desire to provide affordable solutions, Matt and Dave dedicated their time and technical knowledge to develop cost-driven products over an extended period. Their passion for improving the lives of pets and their owners fueled their commitment to offer effective answers to common pet-related problems.

Innovet Pet Products distinguishes itself from other pet companies by prioritizing exceptional customer service and actively engaging with the pet community. Rather than investing solely in trends and marketing, their focus is on educating pet owners and fostering meaningful connections within their community. By prioritizing customer needs and community engagement, Innovet Pet Products strives to provide comprehensive support and reliable solutions for pet owners facing various challenges.