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hinokiLab, established in 1985, is dedicated to promoting sustainable forestry of the Japanese endemic tree Hinoki. They are committed to producing the finest essential oils by carefully selecting and sustainably sourcing hinoki in Okayama, Japan.

hinokiLab places a strong emphasis on purity and consciousness in their practices. Their work is driven by research and development, collaborating with Okayama University and third-party laboratories to deepen their understanding of botanics and the beneficial properties of hinoki and other Japanese flora.

As a socially responsible company, hinokiLab recognizes the impact of their business on society and the environment. They strive for sustainable development and aim to bring positivity to the community through their products and activities. Operating in Shinjo Village, Japan, they actively engage with the local community, contributing to social and economic development while also playing a role in the preservation of forests.

hinokiLab's dedication to sustainability, research-driven approach, and commitment to social responsibility make them a trusted source for the finest hinoki essential oils and a catalyst for positive change in their community and beyond.