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Pet Recovery System is a revolutionary platform dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their families in a faster and more secure way. Understanding the distress caused by losing a beloved pet, the company aims to provide universal identification that ensures pets can be returned home safely during emergencies or when they go missing. Recognizing the limitations of current pet identification methods, Pet Recovery System has harnessed the power of today's technology to introduce advanced digital identification solutions.

At the heart of their system are the GPC Smart tags, equipped with QR and NFC technology, which are linked to a pet's detailed profile in the GPC Smart app. Pet owners can register their furry companions for free and have the flexibility to update their information at any time, 24/7. In the event that a pet is lost or found, owners can quickly mark their status with a simple button press in the app. When someone scans the lost pet's tag, the app instantly sends a notification, sharing the location where the pet was found on a map. Additionally, the person who finds the pet can easily contact the owner directly through a touch dial button, eliminating the need for downloading any additional apps.

The GPC Smart App offers a seamless and convenient experience for pet registration, ensuring that every pet has a digital profile with up-to-date information. By replacing outdated engraved metal ID tags, GPC Smart tags provide a modern and mobile-centric solution for pet identification and recovery. With Pet Recovery System's innovative approach, pet owners can have peace of mind knowing that their furry companions are protected and can be swiftly reunited with their families.