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Go Ape is an exhilarating outdoor adventure brand that offers thrilling experiences in the heart of nature. Founded in 2002, Go Ape has quickly become the go-to destination for those seeking adrenaline-pumping activities and unforgettable memories. With locations across the United Kingdom and the United States, our mission is to inspire people to live life adventurously.

At Go Ape, we believe in pushing boundaries and challenging ourselves. We offer a range of exciting activities, including treetop adventures, zip lines, and obstacle courses. Whether you're swinging through the trees or soaring high above the ground, our experiences are designed to ignite a sense of adventure and bring out the inner thrill-seeker in everyone.

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Safety is at the core of everything we do. Our highly trained instructors ensure that all participants are equipped with the necessary knowledge and equipment to navigate our courses safely. We cater to individuals, families, and groups of all sizes, providing customised experiences that are suitable for all ages and abilities. So whether you're a seasoned adventurer or trying something new, Go Ape has something for everyone.

Join us on an exhilarating journey through the treetops and discover the freedom and excitement of the great outdoors. Unleash your inner adventurer and experience the thrill of Go Ape - where adventure awaits at every turn.


Go Ape: Discover Thrilling Treetop Adventures

The Go Ape Adventure Park offers a thrilling outdoor experience for all ages. Unleash your inner adventurer and conquer the treetop obstacles, zip lines, and rope swings. With our state-of-the-art safety equipment, you can feel confident as you navigate through the course. Whether you're looking for a fun family day out or a unique team-building activity, Go Ape is the perfect choice. Embark on an exhilarating journey and create unforgettable memories at Go Ape.

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Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with Go Ape Experiences

Discover the beauty of nature with Go Ape's forest trails. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the woods as you explore our well-marked trails. Set off on a leisurely walk or challenge yourself with a more advanced hike. With stunning scenery and diverse wildlife, Go Ape offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Grab your walking boots and get ready to explore the great outdoors with Go Ape.

Experience Nature at Its Best with Go Ape Outdoor Activities

Experience the thrill of mountain biking at Go Ape's dedicated trail centre. With a range of routes suitable for all levels, from beginners to seasoned riders, there's something for everyone. Enjoy the adrenaline rush as you navigate through twists, turns, and jumps. Our expertly designed trails provide the perfect balance of excitement and safety. So grab your bike and get ready to ride the trails at Go Ape.

Feel the Adrenaline Rush: Go Ape Zip Lines and More

Unleash your creativity with Go Ape's outdoor art sessions. Join our experienced instructors and learn new techniques while surrounded by nature's inspiration. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned artist, our workshops cater to all skill levels. From painting to sculpture, you'll have the opportunity to explore various mediums and create unique pieces of art. Let your imagination run wild with Go Ape's outdoor art sessions.

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Go Ape: Explore the Wild Side Through Forest Adventures

Elevate your event with Go Ape's corporate team-building activities. Boost morale and foster team spirit as you tackle our exciting challenges together. From high ropes courses to problem-solving games, our activities are designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and leadership skills. With our experienced facilitators guiding you every step of the way, your team will leave feeling motivated and energised. Take your team to new heights with Go Ape's corporate team-building activities.