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Unconventional luxury outerwear that exudes personality.
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Furrik is a 'No Ordinary Designer Label' that started as a reputable Leather Jacket specialist in New Jersey, USA. Over time, it became the go-to destination for high-quality contemporary men's and women's Leather, Fur & Shearling Outerwear.

Furrik has always maintained a focus on quality and attention to detail, which has earned the brand its title. All Leather skins are processed in Italy, Shearling skins sourced from the best in Turkey and Furs skins sourced from Denmark. Every product under the Furrik label reflects the personality of its founder.

Unlike other brands, Furrik has built an international designer label without an advertising campaign, relying primarily on word of mouth and unconventional marketing. The brand's website offers an extensive range of top-quality items, providing customers with a positive shopping experience.

Customers can also customize their designs at no extra cost. Experience the exclusivity and superior quality of Furrik's Leather, Furs & Shearling and Shoes that cater to everyday needs