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Fresh, a renowned skincare, lip care, bodycare, and fragrance brand, has its origins in Boston and New York. It started as a small collection in a neighborhood shop and has since evolved into a global lifestyle line that captivates customers around the world. The distinguishing factor of Fresh's products lies in their sensorial qualities—the luxurious textures and captivating scents.

Not only are they a delight to the senses, but they are also scientifically proven to deliver exceptional results. This unique combination of efficacy and delightful sensations has earned Fresh a loyal following. Lev, one of the founders, proudly states that Fresh creates products that people didn't know they needed but soon find indispensable. Today, the founders continue to actively contribute to the brand, diligently fulfilling their original vision of creating transformative and high-performing beauty products.

Fresh is driven by an indomitable spirit of constant innovation, nurtured by Lev, Alina, and the entire organization. Their boundless curiosity fuels their quest for the extraordinary, whether it involves finding moments of joy in nature or cultivating a spirit of generosity in their shops. Beauty naturally follows in Fresh's footsteps.

As pioneers in product development, experiential offerings, cultural influence, and operational processes, Fresh consistently pushes boundaries. Fresh embodies more than just its product range—it forges an emotional connection with customers, which they refer to as the sixth sense. It is through heartfelt experiences carefully crafted for both their team and guests that Fresh truly shines.

Fresh combines potent natural ingredients, ancient rituals, and modern science to create beauty products that deliver exceptional performance and offer transformative experiences.