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FOPO is a technology company founded by Dr. Frank, who transformed from a trader in the financial industry to a founder in the technology industry in 2021. With over 16 years of experience, Frank understands the importance of focus, potential, and foresight in achieving success.

FOPO is committed to developing smart display products and solutions for professionals, focusing on multi-screen, multi-tasking, and multi-operation capabilities. Through technological innovation, FOPO aims to create a workspace that is more conducive to integration, agility, and exploration, helping professionals achieve career success.

FOPO's products feature an immersive dual-screen display experience, a HD 1080P large screen, a patented stand for stability and portability, and a rotatable screen that facilitates work in various scenarios.

With FOPO's cutting-edge technology, professionals can increase their work efficiency and creativity, while achieving their business goals.