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Driven by a philosophy of individuality, the company is dedicated to redefining the conventional notions of beauty. By engineering a revolutionary approach to home hair color, they empower people to stand out authentically, free from conformity. The journey began with a simple yet groundbreaking question, resulting in the creation of a unique language of color. Their team of skilled engineers and coders transformed color into a code, allowing for the precise formulation of customized shades using an innovative on-demand color dispenser. This custom machine meticulously combines pigments into over 260,000 distinct variations, ensuring a truly personalized experience.

Behind this cutting-edge technology lies a team of true artisans—radical colorists whose expertise stems from prestigious schools and salons nationwide. Rejecting conventional color norms, they harness virtual techniques to craft shades that resonate uniquely with each individual. Their dedication extends to offering personalized guidance, with direct access to their expertise.

The company's commitment to excellence is unwavering. Drawing from years of rigorous testing and client feedback, they continuously refine their approach to deliver an unparalleled promise: color happiness, guaranteed. The transformative realization dawns on many—a revelation that sets them apart from mere claims of customization. They go beyond the ordinary, crafting a tangible embodiment of individuality, from tone and texture to application method, in every personalized bottle. This is a brand that embraces the exceptional, making the extraordinary accessible to all.