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eRank is a platform dedicated to helping Etsy sellers overcome challenges and improve their sales. Founded by Anthony Wolf, the company was born out of his project to support his wife's Etsy shop and has since become the leading Etsy SEO site. eRank offers tools, expertise, and a supportive community to empower sellers and make a positive impact on their lives.

With a background in search engines and online shopping, Anthony developed tools that resulted in significant sales growth for his wife's shop. This success led to the establishment of eRank in 2016, initially known as EtsyRank. Since then, the company has grown and assembled a team of IT professionals, customer care resources, and subject matter experts who specialize in Etsy. Their mission is to provide sellers with honest advice, best practices, and the necessary tools to turn their shops into profitable ventures.

eRank's vision extends beyond individual shop success. They aim to help all Etsy sellers by offering guidance and resources based on industry best practices. They understand the challenges faced by small business owners and strive to make a positive impact on their lives. With a commitment to supporting growth and fostering community, eRank empowers sellers to achieve remarkable success in their Etsy businesses.