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Dragon Hawk is a leading brand in the tattoo industry, specializing in innovative and high-quality tattoo equipment. Founded in 2001, the company's goal was to simplify the art of tattooing by designing equipment suitable for both beginners and professional tattoo artists. 

The Dragon Hawk team is made up of tattoo enthusiasts who are passionate about the art and deeply rooted in the tattooing culture. Over the years, Dragon Hawk has established itself as a market leader by producing a series of reliable tattoo machines, safe tattoo needles, and practical accessories that meet the evolving needs of tattoo artists.

Their products have earned a high reputation for their premium quality, reliability, affordability, and ease of use. Dragon Hawk works closely with a selected group of tattoo artists to offer real added value to the industry, ensuring that they create equipment that meets the needs of tattoo artists.

The company is dedicated to technological innovation and is constantly striving to create more professional and reliable tattoo equipment that blends fun, fashion, and function. Dragon Hawk's mission is to equip artists with the best equipment for their creative freedom.