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Dermatica, founded in 2018 by Dwayne D'Souza, is a skincare company with a mission to make evidence-based skincare accessible to all. Recognizing the limited access to high-quality prescription skincare, Dermatica aims to instill confidence in individuals by providing personalized solutions tailored to their specific skin goals. With a team of experts consisting of dermatologists, pharmacists, GPs, clinical researchers, and formulation scientists, Dermatica develops evidence-based treatments for various skin conditions using a wide range of science-backed ingredients.

What sets Dermatica apart is its unique approach of offering a personalized pharmacy that designs customized medicine based on prescribers' requests. This ongoing personalization allows for continuous adaptation of the treatment to suit the changing needs of individuals' skin over time. By combining ingredients and utilizing the latest research, Dermatica ensures that their formulas are of the highest quality and efficacy. The company's Clinical Advisory Board and Dermatology Team stay abreast of the latest scientific advancements to ensure that their personalized formulas deliver optimal results.

In addition to tailored prescription formulas, Dermatica also offers a full range of evidence-based cosmetic skincare products. This comprehensive approach allows individuals to create a complete skincare routine that addresses both their clinical and cosmetic needs. With Dermatica, individuals can have confidence in their skincare choices, knowing that they are backed by a team of experts and grounded in scientific research.