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Earlabs is a dynamic company that goes beyond the traditional function of earplugs, offering products that not only protect your ears but also enhance your auditory experiences. They understand that certain sounds are integral to the activities you love, and their earplugs are designed to maintain your safety while allowing you to hear the surrounding sounds that matter to you.

Since 2014, SurfEars® has been the preferred brand of earplugs among professional surfers and extreme watersports athletes, available in stores across 30 countries worldwide. These innovative earplugs provide a unique balance by allowing sound to enter while keeping water out, effectively preventing common health issues caused by exposure to cold or contaminated water.

Building on the success of SurfEars, the dBud earplugs feature an acoustic filter based on the same patented technology. Shortly after their launch in 2018, dBud earned recognition by winning two prestigious product design awards in the international Red Dot Awards, specifically in the Audio and Healthcare categories. With adjustable volume control and minimal impact on sound quality, dBud earplugs are ideal for concerts and festivals. Additionally, their discreet earphone-like design seamlessly integrates into your look, making them a stylish accessory for work, study, or wherever you need to reduce noise to a comfortable level.

Earlabs collaborates closely with the world-class product designers and engineers at Above agency in Malmö, Sweden. As a tech startup, they prioritize continuous innovation, resulting in the introduction of two new earplug models for watersports: SwimEars® and Junior. In 2019, they also launched an upgraded version of SurfEars, further solidifying their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for auditory protection and enhancement.