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CRAFTD London is a distinguished jewellery brand that was founded by Alex Cannon and Danny Buck. As an online retailer headquartered in the United Kingdom, the brand has garnered a substantial following from over 100 countries worldwide.

Driven by their vision, CRAFTD is dedicated to bridging the gap between high-quality jewellery and excessive price markups prevalent in the industry. With design as their cornerstone, they aim to distinguish themselves from the saturated market of fast-fashion and low-quality alternatives.

Each piece crafted by CRAFTD is made to endure, as the brand places utmost importance on quality. Wearing their jewellery signifies more than mere adornment; it embodies self-belief and a strong sense of identity.

CRAFTD London extends heartfelt gratitude to all those who have supported the brand and joined them on their journey. Valuing their customers as the heart of their operations, they strive to deliver the best possible experience and excel in their craft.