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ClearBags, a 2nd generation family-owned business, traces its roots back to 1992 when it operated as Impact Images, selling posters in Crystal Clear Bags. However, it quickly became apparent that the bags themselves were the star of the show, prompting a strategic shift in the company's focus. Today, ClearBags boasts an extensive inventory of approximately 5,000 products, with none of them being posters. Recognizing the critical role packaging plays, ClearBags takes pride in assisting customers in finding the perfect packaging solutions tailored to their unique needs.

With a deep commitment to providing opportunities for growth, ClearBags operates under the Core Focus of creating avenues for success. This dedication extends to their employees, customers, suppliers, and anyone else they interact with. Benny Wilkins, the founder of ClearBags, has recently retired, and his seven children, four of whom currently work within the business, carry on his legacy. Guided by a set of five Core Values, ClearBags makes decisions aligned with these principles and actively seeks out employees who share their vision. The company's culture is firmly built around these values, fostering a cohesive and purpose-driven environment.

ClearBags understands the importance of packaging done right, offering a diverse range of solutions for various needs. Whether it's a recycled box for stationery, a compostable pouch for popcorn, a Crystal Clear Bag for a matted print, an antimicrobial cover for a keyboard, a childproof pouch for medicine, or a hanging box for a fishing lure, ClearBags is dedicated to helping customers find the ideal packaging solution. By combining their extensive product selection, unwavering commitment to values, and a customer-centric approach, ClearBags continues to thrive in the packaging industry.