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Choomi Naturals, founded by Peter Zinn, draws upon his extensive culinary experience to offer a range of delectable snacks that are both healthy and delicious. With a background working in renowned restaurants across Italy and New York City, including Alain Ducasse, Peter's expertise shines through in the original Choomi Naturals snack—a soft and chewy coconut macaroon—crafted with a combination of recipes and techniques honed over the years.

The driving force behind Choomi Naturals is a mission to transform the snacking experience by providing wholesome and delightful treats for all of life's journeys. Whether you're craving macaroons, brownies, or cookies, you can indulge in our creations with the knowledge that they are made with care. Based in Portland, Maine, our family-owned business is dedicated to crafting energizing snacks that the entire family can enjoy.

Choomi Naturals' macaroons, brownies, and cookies are perfect for fueling busy workdays, tackling household tasks, or embarking on outdoor adventures. From camping trips to picnics and road trips, our snacks are designed to accompany you wherever your ventures take you. With convenient resealable packaging, you can easily carry them in your purse or gym bag, ensuring you can savor their goodness anytime and anywhere.