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CamelBak, founded by bicycle enthusiast Michael Eidson, traces its origins back to the grueling "Hotter'N Hell 100" road race in Wichita Falls, Texas. Eidson, facing the challenge of staying hydrated during the race, devised a brilliant solution by filling an IV bag with water and securing it in a tube sock, creating hands-free hydration. This ingenious invention led to the birth of CamelBak, a brand driven by the pursuit of innovative hydration solutions.

One dedicated fan, Jeff Wemmer, was so impressed by CamelBak that he began selling the packs at races. His passion for the product caught the attention of the company, and he was eventually hired. During the challenging early years, Jeff embarked on a remarkable journey, traveling across the country on his motorcycle to pitch and sell CamelBak products to bike shops. Each order he secured breathed new life into the growing company.

Though CamelBak has evolved significantly since its humble beginnings, its core values have remained steadfast. Courage, conviction, and imagination have fueled the brand's relentless quest for improvement, from inventing the hydration category to becoming the leading global manufacturer of hydration solutions. While the days of an IV bag in a tube sock may be a distant memory, CamelBak continues to innovate and provide innovative solutions that quench the thirst of adventurers worldwide.a