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Cabeau is a leading provider of innovative travel accessories, known for its revolutionary Cabeau Evolution Pillow®. Founded by former professional basketball player David Sternlight, the company emerged from his personal quest to create a more comfortable travel experience, particularly for taller individuals like himself. Recognizing the limitations of existing travel pillows, David set out to design a solution that actually worked. In 2009, after extensive development, the Cabeau Evolution Pillow® was introduced to the world.

Since then, Cabeau's patented travel pillows, comfort products, and innovative accessories have gained global recognition, reaching customers in over 110 countries. The brand has set new industry standards for superior craftsmanship, quality, and comfort, earning numerous accolades in the travel industry. Cabeau takes pride in its commitment to excellence and its dedication to enhancing the world of travel.

At Cabeau, the team is driven by a passion to continually innovate and improve. They value customer feedback and use it as inspiration to develop new products that meet the evolving needs of travelers. Every product in their carefully curated range is designed to enhance the travel experience, offering practical solutions that make journeys more enjoyable.

With Cabeau, travelers can trust that the same level of dedication and ingenuity that went into the groundbreaking Cabeau Evolution Pillow® is applied to every product. The company's mission is to provide travelers with innovative and high-quality travel accessories, making their journeys more comfortable and enjoyable from start to finish.