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Autonomous is a company that places utmost value on its customers, recognizing them as its most valuable asset. The feedback provided by customers on the products released by Autonomous serves as a vital source of inspiration for continuous improvement. Witnessing the growth and enhanced productivity of customers through their use of Autonomous products instills a profound sense of purpose and pride in the company's work. Numerous customers have expressed their satisfaction with the experience of partnering with Autonomous:

Since its establishment in 2015, Autonomous has been driven by a commitment to technological innovation. Initially composed of a talented team proficient in both software and hardware, the company's inaugural creation was Maya, a robot assistant designed to simplify and enhance daily lives through intelligent automation.

The development of Maya prompted Autonomous to realize their true calling: the creation of smart products that optimize productivity. While most people associate productivity with software and applications, Autonomous recognized the significance of physical products that we interact with on a daily basis and how they contribute to enriching our lives.

Guided by their philosophy, Autonomous embarked on a product design journey that embraced practical, functional minimalism. They firmly believe that the user experience stands as the utmost priority, and as such, their products combine superior functionality with intuitive simplicity to unleash their full potential.