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Aurelia London is an award-winning ethical brand that prioritizes the support of skin, health, and beauty with sustainably sourced and scientifically proven ingredients. Their comprehensive approach involves both internal and external care to deliver remarkable results. Their skincare products are designed to target various skin concerns effectively, while their advanced probiotic supplements work from within to support overall skin health and beauty.

Setting themselves apart from other probiotic skincare brands, Aurelia London utilizes PROTIDA™ technology to manage the skin's inflammatory response, addressing the root cause of many skin concerns. Their formulas do not contain live bacteria or focus on the surface microbiome, offering a more advanced approach to achieving healthy and radiant skin.

Aurelia London recognizes the significance of mindfulness and incorporates it into their products. Their skincare, body care, and wellness collections provide opportunities for daily mindfulness rituals, allowing individuals to appreciate the present moment and reduce stress. By taking a holistic approach to skincare and well-being, Aurelia London ensures tangible results while promoting a balanced and mindful lifestyle.

Since their launch in 2013, Aurelia London has gained a strong following and expanded their offerings beyond skincare to include body care and baby care products. With a focus on scientifically proven, naturally derived formulations, they continue to innovate and evolve. Under the Aurelia London name, the brand has introduced a range of wellbeing solutions, including probiotic supplements, further emphasizing their commitment to holistic health and beauty.