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Astute Graphics is a collaborative team dedicated to designing, creating, and producing software solutions that they are proud of, catering to clients they strongly believe in. Their primary objective is to inject fun back into the drawing process through their state-of-the-art design software, empowering creativity, significantly reducing time constraints, and facilitating on-the-fly changes for their customers. Recognizing the value of time in the industry, their range of software has proven to accelerate designers' workflows effectively.

The inception of Astute Graphics can be traced back to a simple request that sparked the development of innovative creative software used by designers and renowned companies worldwide, including Apple, Nike, and Facebook. The idea took root when the founder, Nicholas van der Walle, encountered the daunting task of shifting artwork colors in Adobe Illustrator, a predicament shared by approximately 10 million users. After spending three months on a design, a seemingly minor request to "make it blue" resulted in a month-long frustration of redesigning. This experience served as the catalyst for the initial development of a tool that would streamline workflow efficiency and enhance creativity. In 2006, Astute Graphics successfully launched its first plugin, paving the way for a comprehensive repertoire of 21 plugins designed to help designers unleash their creativity, save time, and maximize their earning potential.

Astute Graphics takes immense pride in assisting thousands of designers, including prominent names like Adidas, Disney, and Google, in fulfilling their creative visions. By continually striving for excellence, they remain committed to their mission and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.