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Aquasana is a prominent brand focused on providing top-quality water filtration products for homes to ensure clean and healthy water consumption. Their extensive range of water filters includes whole house, under sink, countertop, shower, and bottle filters, all designed using award-winning filtration technology. Aquasana prioritizes customer satisfaction and aims to make the selection and purchase process easy and convenient. Their filters are known for maximum contaminant reduction while retaining beneficial minerals, resulting in great-tasting and healthy water that promotes optimum hydration.

With a strong commitment to the environment, Aquasana emphasizes sustainability in their product design. They strive to minimize waste by engineering reusable outer filter casings and using recyclable and compostable materials in their filter cartridges. By encouraging customers to drink filtered water and utilize refillable bottles, Aquasana aims to reduce carbon footprints, minimize plastic waste in landfills, and save money. Their dedication to eco-conscious practices aligns with their mission to provide affordable and safe water filtration solutions.

Aquasana's success and reputation are reflected in their extensive customer base and numerous positive reviews, exceeding 15,000 five-star ratings. Based in Austin, Texas, their executive and marketing team spearheads the brand's operations, while their sales and operations facility is located in Haltom City, Texas. Through continuous engineering advancements and innovative solutions, Aquasana remains at the forefront of water filtration engineering, ensuring their customers have access to high-performance products that meet their needs while promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.